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U.S. Coast Guard Members Seek Class Relief From Shot Mandate

Lieutenant Commander Pilot (LCDR Pilot) has served honorably on active duty for over 13 years. He has 3,010 military flight hours along with 234 simulator hours and has served in operational tours in Louisiana, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. He has served as the HC-130J Engineering Officer and the unit’s Assistant Engineering Officer. He estimates the cost of his training to exceed $10 million over 13 years of military aviation. This LCDR Pilot has received two commendation medals. The vaccine mandate has placed him in a position of conflict between his faith and a military order and he must decide whether to remain faithful to his conscience and God or be separated from service. Based on his Roman Catholic Christian faith and absolute opposition to abortion, he cannot accept a shot that has been manufactured or whose efficacy has been tested and proved using aborted fetal cells. LINK TO LC LAWSUIT

I watched my son go through this and saw many carrier senior officers purged out of the military due to this illegal EUA shot that was forced on our troops.