Captain Flip Flop

Captain Flip Flop:

1. I love Texas, FLIP/FLOP “I will never leave Texas” Club For Growth YouTube Video

2. 2022 Race Swamp FLIP/FLOP – “So it’s, you know, if we trust Mitch McConnell, well then, well, I’m sorry for you, but I don’t.” FLIP/FLOP 2023 Invites McConnel to attend his fundraiser in DC.

3. I am raising money for Republican Federal Candidates. FLIP/FLOP Instead, he paid off consultants and debt with the money he raised (this is more than just a FLIP/FLOP – FLIP/FLOP adds Scam to his name. FLIP FLOP’s PAC “donated less than 7% of its funds to the candidates it was set up to support, according to campaign finance records – a move one campaign finance expert likened to using the PAC as a ‘slush fund.’”

4. I am pro-life. FLIP/FLOP: says he has “closed the door” on support for a federal abortion ban, marking a break with his party on an election-year issue that has beleaguered conservatives in recent years and  New Abortion Stance.

5. I’m not a politician FLIP/FLOP But he is 100% a politician (A true mark of a politician is the FLIP/FLOP)

6. I’m not endorsing anyone for president. FLIP/FLOP I am now running for the Senate to ensure President Trump has an ally.

7. Debate FLIP/FLOP 2022 calls for debates 2024 “it is unnecessary to debate.” See Why is GOP Candidate (CPT FLIP/FLOP) missing from the campaign trail

8. Yucca Mountain – The Flip Flops Continue, May 5, 2024 – Radioactive fallout: Sam Brown shows ignorance on Yucca Mountain fight 

Brown Flips Flops from Pro-Life to Pro-Choice: 

Nevada Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Sam Brown says he has “closed the door” on support for a federal abortion ban, marking a break with his party on an election-year issue that has beleaguered conservatives in recent years. 

Brown said during the interview that while he considered himself pro-life, he respected Nevada’s existing law protecting abortion access through the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

When a candidate won’t vote for Federal Legislation that protects life, you are pro-choice! –  

Republicans and Democrats who won’t vote to outlaw abortion say they are “Personally Pro-Life but don’t want to impose on women their ability to get an abortion.” This ultimately is a pro choice stance that allows abortions to be legal. 


BROWN: GOP Nevada Sen Hopeful has “Closed the door” on federal abortion ban. Read this article; it is one more time when this politics (Brown) has flipped-flopped for politics. 

Compare – Bill Conrad’s position on life:   

CONRAD: “On whether he would support national restrictions on abortion if he were elected: Conrad said he would support anything that protects life, and would support national restrictions on abortion. He said the only exception he has is if the life of the mother is in danger. He does not support punishing a woman for having an abortion.” Link to Las Vegas Review Article August 16, 2023

On FB, Bill Conrad Radio Interview:


Sam Brown for U.S. Senate Nevada

Sam Brown for U.S. Senate Nevada

Bill Conrad for U.S. Senate Nevad 2024

Link to: MUTH’S TRUTHS (Aug 13, 2023) – Scan PAC and the Sam Brown Bailout

The Captain Sam Brown Scam


2022 Club For Growth Ad

“ActBlue earmarked for win red Sam Brown of Nevada receiving money from ActBlue 1150 separate event only 160 of them are from the state of Nevada why are people from ActBlue donating to a conservative person?”

We need to explore this further. You can see that it has only had 23 views as of Feb 13, 2024. I don’t think it grabs attention or is convincing in this format. It appears that both sides of the swamp/deep state are supporting Brown.

Bill Conrad for U.S. Senate Nevad 2024

GOP tries to weed out extreme Senate prospects — with Trump’s OK – Dec 17, 2023

Brown Texas Run Flier – Show endorsements.