Why am I the best candidate? (I was asked this question in early April at the Douglas County Republican Women’s Forum).

My unwavering dedication to public service, spanning 31 years of active and reserve duty in the armed forces as a Green Beret, Civil Engineer, and Rescue Helicopter Pilot, is a testament to my commitment. This journey began with my graduation from West Point in 1980 and continued with my election to the Modesto City Council twice, a role I took on with the same fervor and dedication as I would as your next U.S. Senator.

However, one of my experiences that made me the best qualified occurred in 2004 when I worked in Title 32 and Title 10 status with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) in Washing D. C.. At the time, I was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard, and because I had served on the Modesto City council and was also a civil engineer, I became a valuable asset. One of the highlights of that year was developing counterterrorism plans for the Democrat and Republican Conventions of 2024 in Boston and New York. Working with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency gave me valuable insight into our country’s vulnerabilities. Because I served as a city councilman, I better understood how our cities work and could better develop counterterrorism plans. This role allowed me to bridge between the military and city staff of the cities I worked in. Given our dangerous times, my experience would make me a better U.S. Senator, as I would be better equipped to understand the existing threats that face us today.

My experience as a city councilman has prepared me to serve as your next U.S. Senator. As a councilman, I served in an office closest to the people, and my record of fighting corruption and holding the line on expenditures is proven. I will apply the principles I learned while serving as a city councilman to those as your senator in Washington, D.C.

Military: Bill Conrad, LTC USA (Ret) military qualifications and schools are Infantry Officer Basic Course, Infantry Mortar Platoon Leaders Course, Airborne School, Ranger School, Special Forces Officer Qualification Course (Green Beret), Air Assault School, Army Flight School, Aviation Officer Advanced Course, and SERE High Risk. He graduated from USMA with a BS in engineering and a minor in political science. Past military service: Regular Army, Air National Guard (Pilot & Civil Engineer), Air Force Reserve, and Army Reserve (Civil Affairs). Highest clearance TS SCI (adjudication Nov 2010). Bill served four combat tours (38 months total) in Afghanistan: Civil Affairs, Human Terrain Team Leader, Human Terrain Country Manager, and a short tour as a Special Forces Engineering Officer.

Professional: After leaving active duty, Bill and his wife, Karen, moved to Modesto in the 1990s to raise their family and run a small business. Bill ran a design-build company (First Team Construction Inc.). In 2001, he was recalled to active duty. Karen continues to operate her realty company, First Realty, and is managing broker for Alison James Estates and Homes. 

Elected Office: His faith and a strong sense of duty inspired Bill to serve as a Modesto City Councilman for six years, one of which was as Vice Mayor. He chaired several city committees, including Public Safety and Economic Development. Prior to 9/11, Bill also ran and was nominated to run for U.S. Congress. 

Committee ID: C00810077 – Maximum Donation Per Person is $3300.  Donations can also be given by check and mailed to Bill Conrad for U.S. Senate, P.O. Box 33132, Reno, NV 89533. Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement of the United States Army or the Department of Defense.

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